Alfa Romeo Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable While Keeping Yourself Safe

White 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

While many of the stressful effects of the pandemic may be slowly subsiding, and you may be making adjustments to your routine, the critical matter of automotive maintenance should not be overlooked. Your Alfa Romeo’s condition directly impacts your safety on the road. These are a few of the essential auto care steps that require your attention.

Change the Oil as Recommended

The maintenance schedule for your Alfa Romeo includes oil changes on a routine basis. With regular use of your Alfa Romeo, the oil will capture dust, dirt, and other particles. As a result, the oil will grow progressively thick and dirty, and it will be less effective at lubricating the engine’s components. Changing the motor oil in your Alfa Romeo regularly ensures that your engine has the lubrication needed to operate well.

Request a Vehicle Inspection

Following your Alfa Romeo’s maintenance plan is essential to keep it running safely for years to come, but wear and tear can take other tolls that that plan may not fully cover. Our technicians are happy to inspect your vehicle comprehensively, and we will take care of all its needs at this time.

Drive Your Alfa Romeo Regularly

Your Alfa Romeo has been engineered to perform well and to be driven frequently. When parts like the battery, brakes, belts, hoses, and more sit idle for a long time, damage occurs. One of the best things that you can do for your Alfa Romeo is to drive it regularly. You can get started by heading down to our service center for your Alfa Romeo’s next maintenance service.